New Features for FileBox

If you haven’t heard about our new product, CompleteCare+ FileBox, read more about our cloud storage solution that surpasses the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive. As always, we continually seek to improve our products and have recently added a few new features to FileBox:
-Map an existing directory structure on a file server to the cloud with File Server Enablement. This means users in the office or on the network can still use mapped drives to access files on the file server, and utilize anywhere access in the cloud when out of the office.

  • Two-factor authentication now supports email and SMS
  • Easily view activity for a particular file from the Web
  • Improved space usage information on company and account dashboard
  • Ability to set policies at the All Organization level
  • Ability to share files from Android devices

and more.

These are just a few examples of the constant tweaks and adjustments INFINIT makes to improve our products and client experience. If you want to learn more about using File Box for your business, contact us.