INFINIT enrolled in Microsoft’s SMB Cloud Champions Club

INFINIT Consulting is now a proud member of the Microsoft SMB Cloud Champions Club as a Tier 2 partner.  That means we have successfully acquired 8+ active BPOS customers with 200+ total seats since our inception in 2006.  We have a highly technical hand-picked staff of industry experts that know both technology and business in order to help our customers resolve problems they encounter at any stage in their business growth.  With this partnership, we will be able to provide our cloud customers with enhanced training and readiness resources, marketing support, sales incentives, and enhanced operations support.

INFINIT was founded with the mission of “empowering businesses to embrace the potential of IT”.  Our passion truly lies in providing our customers' a peace of mind as we provide manageable, scalable, affordable and proactive IT environments that generates true business value.  We are passionate about our customers and work hard to form long lasting partnerships. 

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