Get Money Back on Office 365 and Windows Intune with Cloud Easy

You can save big and get money back when you sign up for Microsoft Office 365 or Windows Intune right now with Cloud Easy. Enroll before December 31, 2012, and you'll not only gain increased productivity, collaboration, anytime/anywhere access, and security, you'll be eligible for a money-back subsidy, up to 15%! Calculate your possible savings. Your subsidy will automatically be applied to consulting, configuration or training time with INFINIT Consulting. In other words, you'll save money you'd otherwise have to spend out of pocket to implement your Microsoft solution.

If you're a large organization already using Microsoft solutions, add Office 365 to your existing Enterprise Agreements with an uplift and you'll receive a deployment investment of up to $40 per seat (minimum 250 seats). That's some serious savings.

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