Microsoft Names New CEO

Satya Nadella, Microsoft. 2014-01It’s official, Microsoft has named their new CEO, Satya Nadella. As only the third CEO of Microsoft Nadella has big shoes to fill, but we’re confident he’s up for the job.

Here’s why:

  • Just like INFINIT, Nadella’s all about the cloud. Up to now, Nadella has been Microsoft’s VP of Enterprise and Cloud products.
  • He’s a Microsoft veteran. Nadella is no outsider brought in to make big changes. He’s worked at Microsoft for 22 years and is as passionate about Microsoft as the day he started.
  • Bill Gates will return to help Nadella plot the course for the company and take a greater role in the company’s operations.

INFINIT CEO Jerod Powell is enthusiastic about the news. “I am very excited Microsoft choose to go with an internal employee of 22 years as the CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella is only 46 years old so he has spent most of his adult life immersed in the culture of Microsoft, he bleeds Microsoft blue! As the Vice President in charge of enterprise and cloud products he has clearly excelled and proven himself as a technical innovator which is exactly what Microsoft needs at this time. While I don’t know about Satya personally, my first impression indicates he has the right background and right attitude for the era we are in. In fact, he has already done one thing PERFECTLY, he asked Bill Gates to step up and spend more time focused on the company with him to help develop their next round of products and services. He preaches innovation, devices, services, and doing more. When he says it I believe him, and I believe he will succeed!”

Watch this interview with Satya Nadella:

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