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Office 365 Boards

Last week Microsoft updated their Office 365 offering by rolling out Boards in Office Delve. These Office 365 Boards are an enhancement to team and project productivity we are sure you will find useful in your business.

INFINIT Consulting has been using Office 365 Boards for Delve for as a part of the Microsoft Partner 'First Release' program. Each team here at INFINIT uses Delve to increase their productivity. It keeps Marketing team documents on a separate board from the Support team documents and Operations documents separate from Finance and vice versa. We love it!

Our CEO, Jerod Powell, was quoted as a part of a story done by Kevin McLaughlin at The Channel Company. You can read his whole article on the release of Office 365 Boards for Delve here: Boards for Delve

Boards is all managed for you inside of Delve. This behind the scenes work that organizes Office 365 for you effectively eliminates the clutter and time you spend organizing your documents making your happier and more productive.

If you don't already have Office 365 and would like to learn more about how INFINIT Consulting can help your business can save money and be more productive with tools like Boards please Contact Us!

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