From IoT to Artificial Intelligence: Jerod Powell on the Future of Technology

About this webinar

Do you know what's possible with Innovation and Technology theory?

Jerod Powell is a visionary in the industry. Recently named as one of The Channel Company's Top Midmarket IT Executives, Jerod is a proven IT thought leader and solutions provider.

Join us for an hour of conversation about innovations, software, and technology that's currently being utilized to change the landscape of the future. We'll be discussing the Internet of Things, Software, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence.

Join this webcast to:
  • Learn how Innovation and Technology theory is being used to help make businesses more competitive
  • Review case studies on several organizations that are consistently edging out their competition due to technology adoption
  • Find out how simple this technology is to adopt and learn

About the Presenter:

Jerod Powell is a result-driven and highly accomplished senior executive and IT leader with 20 years of experience in building and managing technology-based firms focused on cloud computing, digital transformation, managed services, and product development. A true IT innovator and an accomplished businessman, Jerod is an expert in all aspects of IT, strategic planning, project management, M&A, process optimization, compliance and organizational development. He has a long track record of inventing, crafting and delivering cutting-edge solutions designed to support organizations through rapid growth and expansion. A dynamic leader with strong strategic vision and a potent skill set, Jerod is supremely positioned to drive revenue growth, market share and international market expansion.

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