Jerod Powell

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Jerod Powell is a result-driven and highly accomplished senior executive and IT leader with 19 years of experience in building and managing technology-based firms focused on cloud computing, hosting, managed services and product development. A true IT innovator and an accomplished businessman, Jerod is expert in all aspects of IT, strategic planning, project management, M&A, process optimization, compliance and organizational development. He has a long track record of inventing, crafting and delivering cutting-edge solutions designed to support organizations through rapid growth and expansion.

A dynamic leader with strong strategic vision and a potent skillset, Jerod is supremely positioned to drive revenue growth, market shares and international market expansion. Jerod’s career is dotted with impressive highlights including numerous publications, rare recognitions in the IT industry, numerous innovations and an all-round amazing performance. Apart from being an IT thought leader, Jerod is also a trusted advisor, an accomplished coach and a mentor to other IT specialists. His core strengths include identifying and capitalizing on market trends, conceptualizing and flawlessly executing innovative ideas, enterprise architecture and design, product development and market delivery, staff development, budgeting, and the possession of the X factor, the proven ability to faultlessly put customers, partners and businesses in the right place at the right time in the right field of technology.

Company Information

Job Title: CEO

Company Name: INFINIT Consulting, Inc.

City: Campbell

State: CA

Zip: 95008

Country: United States

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Cloud/Service Provider/Reseller
Managed Service Provider

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