WEBINAR: Digital Transformation, 3rd Platform, And Disruptive IT – What You Need To Know To Be Successful: Transform Or Die, That Simple.

In this presentation, Jerod Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting is going to shed some light on why some partners are highly successful in the cloud and era of the 3rd platform and why some are seemingly stuck and dying a slow death.

We will discuss 4 key areas of focus that differentiate the successful from the unsuccessful and contrast this with what is actually happening in the industry.

Do you think you know what your customer wants? You might but what we know for sure is, yourcustomers absolutely know what they want and the fact is most partners cannot, will not, or do not deliver on this want/need.

We will review what is really fueling the 3rd platform and why this should concern you and create a burning sense of urgency to adapt and transform.

Finally, you will learn how the 3rd platform is driving digital transformation and how broadly the industry will be impacted by disruptive IT solutions and the massive opportunity this presents to those willing to transform and seize the moment...once in a lifetime opportunities usually don't happen twice

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