5 Bad habits that are destroying your business’s PCs

Having computers that last for a long time helps your business save on costs while lessening IT-related burdens. However, computer longevity is only possible if your computers are used properly. If you are experiencing frequent computer issues, you may have a few bad PC habits, such as:

1. Letting dust and dirt accumulate
Computers collect dust and dirt over time, which can heat up their components and force the fans to spin faster.

The dangers of the dark web to your business

It’s not enough to protect your business from cyberthreats like malware, distributed denial-of-service attacks, and phishing. For many organizations, the dark web is also becoming a concern.

What is the dark web?
The dark web is a hidden part of the World Wide Web, accessible only through special web browsers like Tor, which enables users and website owners to stay anonymous.

Ransomware: Your common questions, answered

Back in the day, malware such as viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses only had the ability to disrupt computer systems. But nowadays, there is one type of malware that poses a greater danger: ransomware.

Question 1: What is ransomware?
Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts a user’s files, which can only be decrypted after paying a ransom, usually in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

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