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At INFINIT Consulting, we pride ourselves on being more than just a leading cloud solutions provider. We’re problem solvers, delivering the types of unrivaled cloud consulting and technology services that businesses need to get the results they demand from their investment. Originally founded over a decade ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re Digital Transformation Specialists – creating the types of customized, rock-solid options you need to not only support the shape your business takes today, but to help it continue to grow and evolve for years to come.

INFINIT doesn’t just install your technology – we take things a step further. We help you pinpoint business obstacles and backlogs, showing you how to resolve them using the power of modern technology. We’re also empowerment specialists, giving you everything you need to make faster, smarter business decisions so that you can become more agile and more profitable than you ever thought possible. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re operating in, what size your business is or what goals you have in the not-too-distant-future – INFINIT can help you come up with a customized plan to integrate and maintain IT solutions to make maximum up-time and productivity a foregone conclusion.



Darrin Swan joined the INFINIT family as CEO in 2016, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in Business Process Optimization and software sales, channel development, go-to-market and organizational leadership. Upon joining INFINIT, Darrin was tasked with helping to scale and accelerate our Digital Transformation business growth. What he’s been able to accomplish in such a short period of time is the stuff that legends are made of.

Throughout his career, Darrin’s unbridled passion for achieving business process and IT simplicity has been the foundation of his success. This has always been true, whether you’re talking about his early days as a graveyard shift UNIX systems administrator and data center manager, followed by 7 years of sales, operations analysis, financial assessment and business process re-engineering for the outsourcing industry, or the last 15 years he has spent in the world of software sales, new market development, and channel innovation.

Prior to joining INFINIT, Darrin served as the Director of Global Sales and Business Development for Dell Software’s Service Provider Program, a program he built from scratch. Darrin is considered a digital transformation thought leader, and has spoken at industry events around the world.

Founder & President


With over 19 years of experience in building and maintaining technology-based firms focused on cloud computing, Jerod Powell is the results-driven and highly accomplished senior executive that businesses have come to depend on. He’s an expert in all aspects of information technology, including but not limited to things like strategic planning, project management, M&A, process optimization, compliance, organizational development and more. He has a long and highly regarded track record of inventing, crafting and delivering the types of cutting-edge solutions that businesses need to support rapid growth and make expansion as effortless as possible.

Jerod’s core strengths include identifying and capitalizing on market trends, conceptualizing and flawlessly executing innovative ideas, enterprise architecture and design and so much more. His career is filled with impressive highlights including having work published in multiple industry leading publications, the types of recognitions that are rare in the IT industry and the type of all-around amazing performance that have made him a cornerstone at INFINIT.

Board of Directors

Frank Coker

As a Finance Professor at the UW iSchool, he believes in leading through education inside and out. He serves on several boards and under his leadership, Corelytics has been recognized as a Top 25 Emerging Vendor and won Intuit’s Grand Prize App of the Year. From Finance 101 to in-depth discussions on trends, Frank not only brings the insight of an upbeat professor, but can connect on a basic level to all types of business owners. With Frank's presentations come an aggregate of business financial data based on real-time accounting data from thousands of companies and report on findings and trends in business performance.
Frank draws on his years of consulting experience at Price Waterhouse and IBM for world-class concepts and strategies.

Sr.VP of Strategy & Transformation

Malu S. Milan

Currently a Partner & CTO for Focalpointegroup, Malu brings more than 25 years of industry expertise in Government, High Tech Manufacturing, Retail and Executive Digital Solutions advisory across every functional vertical. Her portfolio of experience includes deep technical product leadership, strong drive for Quality & Operational Excellence, Product Innovation and simplification, Cybersecurity & Privacy (GDPR/CCPA), Process and People leadership across business units and IT. Having a deep passion for how innovation in technology can transform the landscape of an organization, Malu inspires us with creative thinking while being able to define a simple and clear roadmap to drive digital transformation. Malu has served as Board Member to multiple organizations focusing on Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence and fostering Engineering non-profit programs for minorities. She actively steers definition of cybersecurity and privacy standards with NIST, IEEE and served as editor in chief for ISACA in the definition of a new Privacy Framework Posture for USA.


A next generation data warehouse automation and advanced analytics solution.



"The goal is to help customers be fully secure and view their business through a centralized dashboard as well as from clear, digestible reports. This is very attractive to CIOs who represent CPA firms. When [clients] come into our business and see how we’re operating, they say ‘this looks pretty smooth, this looks like what we need.’ We hook them up with INFINIT and I serve as the customer advocate.”

  • – Sean McLean, IT Director
  • PP&Co

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“We want to get people on a path to keep up with technology changes over the next five years. To do that, they need the right IT foundation. Once customers understand the value Office 365 coupled with EMS represents, they are more than willing to adopt them as solutions."


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