Top ways AI can improve cybersecurity

Some businesses believe that installing antivirus software and utilizing their firewall are enough to prevent cyberattacks. But these are no longer sufficient, given the rise of more dangerous threats to business data.

Statistics show that while 43% of cyberattacks in the United States are directed at small businesses, only 14% of these companies are properly equipped to defend themselves.

Cybersecurity tips for working remotely

Remote work policies have become a necessity not just because of the current coronavirus crisis, but also for the ways they improve a company’s bottom line and efficiency. Yet despite remote work’s benefits, it leaves you and your company exposed to online scams and other cybersecurity threats.

The risks of autocomplete passwords

Hackers may have found another way of tracking you via seemingly harmless autocomplete passwords. Here’s what you need to know. Why auto-fill passwords are so dangerous Certain web browsers have integrated features that enable usernames and passwords to be automatically entered into a web form.

Hackers come in all shapes and sizes

Hackers are known by the general public as cybercriminals, especially with so much news about nude celebrity photos beings released to the cloud, millions of customer information being stolen across many industries, and government agencies paying the ransoms hackers demand so that the former can regain access and control of their systems.

Rules your small business must follow to comply with email spam laws

Email is an essential communication medium for individuals and businesses. But spam, or junk mail sent for advertising or nefarious purposes, has made it less reliable and a security risk. According to the latest statistics, spam accounts for 55% of email traffic, which is clearly alarming, as spam can be a barrier to productivity.

Top cybersecurity threats for eCommerce businesses

eCommerce is changing the business landscape. In the retail industry, specifically, it's making a significant impact on how people shop. Before, people had to have a physical store to sell things. But now, online shopping has become the new trend, and accounted for almost 10% of 2019 total retail sales in the United States.

A smart approach to cybersecurity investment

Cybersecurity is a threat to businesses across industries. Sometimes, organizations invest in security software without realizing the risks that come with it. Here are compelling reasons why identifying threats before buying cybersecurity products is paramount.

What is a zero trust architecture?

Let us ask you a question: how much do you trust your employees when it comes to keeping your data safe? You might trust them to some extent, but you may still be worried that they could be the cause of a future data breach.

And you would be right — insider attacks are actually one of the most dangerous cyberthreats to businesses today.

Office 365 hacking: What you need to know

With over 150 million active subscribers, Office 365 is, unsurprisingly, on top of hackers’ minds. And now, hackers are using a technique that doesn’t even require users to give up their credentials. Learn how they do it and get protected. A phishing scam that harvests users’ credentials The latest cyberattack on Microsoft Office 365 involves […]

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