4 Types of cyberattacks your manufacturing business should look out for

Whether you believe it or not, all businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks, no matter how big or small. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to steal sensitive information, which they can use for personal or financial gain.

Recently, hackers have been heavily targeting the manufacturing industry because these companies hold a lot of sensitive information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, and other useful internal data.

WEBINAR: Digital Transformation, 3rd Platform, And Disruptive IT – What You Need To Know To Be Successful: Transform Or Die, That Simple.

In this presentation, Jerod Powell, CEO of INFINIT Consulting is going to shed some light on why some partners are highly successful in the cloud and era of the 3rd platform and why some are seemingly stuck and dying a slow death.

We will discuss 4 key areas of focus that differentiate the successful from the unsuccessful and contrast this with what is actually happening in the industry.

Jerod Powell

General Information


Jerod Powell is a result-driven and highly accomplished senior executive and IT leader with 19 years of experience in building and managing technology-based firms focused on cloud computing, hosting, managed services and product development.

3 Secrets to Bigtime ISV Growth

INFINIT Consulting Founder and President, Jerod Powell, shares the hard lessons and eventual successes that came from his company’s ISV transformation.

Company Name: INFINIT Consulting
Founded: 2005
2016 Sales Revenue Growth Rate: 100%
2017 Projected Sales Revenue Growth Rate: 100%
Employees: 20
Phone: (408) 361-8888
Website: www.

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