Why Bimodal IT Will Fail & Trimodal Will Prevail in 3rd Platform Ecosystem

Gartner’s solution, at their annual IT Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit in the U.S. in December 2014, talked about a concept labeled as “Bimodal IT”. The idea behind the Bimodal concept was to respond to the increasing demands of businesses while keeping a balance and delivering innovative applications for a more profitable digital transformation.

Cyber-threats in 2016: Evolution, Potential & Overcoming Them pt 3

The Dummy Malware Prevention Strategy for Everyone: Stay Awake!

Cybercrimes breed when business environments are not prepared for illicit intrusions. Vintage anti-virus versions, unstructured BYOD culture, confusing cyber-security policies, multiple unauthorized users and lack of security training add up to losing critical enterprise data.

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