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At INFINIT, our approach to consulting is simple. We’ve broken things down into an incredibly straightforward 3-Stage Digital Transformation Approach and customized 6-Step Digital Transformation Journey. Working as an extension of your team, we take a prescriptive approach to understanding your business and technology needs to determine a modernized path that fits your needs and doesn’t break your budget. Through our proven 6-Step Digital Transformation methodology, we design every step of business and put you in the best position to digitally transform your business and unlock its full potential in the long-term.

The 6-Step

Our INFINIT six step digital transformation journey begins with a current health assessment of your entire business. We assess your data needs, your security, your applications and your infrastructure, looking for opportunities for improvement and optimization. We deliver a comprehensive plan to "Get Well" and address critical priority issues and lay out a clear step by step strategy to transition your IT department into a strategic weapon and profit center. The process continues through a multi-tiered modernization process (including things like workflow analysis, application modernization and more). Our INFINIT outcome- driven innovation then allows us to utilize predictive analytics and more to optimize your business, empower you with better decision-making data, boost your ROI and effectively scale your business.


"The goal is to help customers be fully secure and view their business through a centralized dashboard as well as from clear, digestible reports. This is very attractive to CIOs who represent CPA firms. When [clients] come into our business and see how we’re operating, they say ‘this looks pretty smooth, this looks like what we need.’ We hook them up with INFINIT and I serve as the customer advocate.”

  • – Sean McLean, IT Director
  • PP&Co

Case Study

“We want to get people on a path to keep up with technology changes over the next five years. To do that, they need the right IT foundation. Once customers understand the value Office 365 coupled with EMS represents, they are more than willing to adopt them as solutions."

Superior Visibility of Your Business with a

Payroll. Sales. Communication. CRM. All mission-critical pillars of your business, but all commonly housed in different locations – making it difficult to impossible to get a comprehensive view of what is going on with your organization RIGHT NOW. INFINIT can help provide you with the solutions you need to get a holistic overview of what is going on – getting business, financial and tech leaders on the same page at the same time with streamlined analytics. Break down those silos once and for all and become more agile, more productive and more profitable at the same time.


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