A Facelift
for the cloud

When a cosmetics retailer aims to get cloud-ready, INFINIT makes more than superficial changes to its network infrastructure, priming the company for agility,flexibility, and omnichannel ascendance.

The company’s name may be playful, but its goals are
anything but. With a clear direction and stalwart leadership, e.l.f. (an acronym for eyes, lips, face) Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing cosmetics companies in the U.S., and the company isn’t shy about its lofty ambitions. Simply put, the retailer wants to be a paragon of omnichannel innovation and efficiency.

To achieve all of that, e.l.f. needs four things:

Creativity (check), a go-to partner (got it), and technology (covered). Fourth, it needs to continue its digital transformation.

More Than Skin Deep: A Strong Foundation for Growth

Established in 2004 as an e-commerce brand, e.l.f. waited nearly a decade before launching its first branded store. Before that, the company ventured into the retail market by placing its products in Target.

The first step in e.l.f.’s transformational journey was deploying Microsoft’s Office 365.

INFINIT Delivers Digital Transformation

When e.l.f. teamed up with INFINIT, the cosmetics company needed help unlocking the cloud’s potential to further advance its growth ambitions. Chopra had a strong vision and a number of projects on her to-do list. A Microsoft partner and Office 365 expert, INFINIT optimized e.l.f.’s cloud infrastructure, added enterprise capabilities to Office 365, and deployed the Azure Active Directory user authentication service to manage users on the network.

Success Factors

According to Chopra, there are several keys to success in omnichannel retail. “The channels have to be unified, with customers at the core,” she said. “What they want should be at the tip of their fingers. We’re targeting millennials, after all, and they only know what’s in their hand, whether a smartphone, tablet, or whatever. They need easy access to any product they want.”

Third, but not least important, is security. “As we get
digitally connected, everyone is vulnerable, with all the breaches and hacks,” Chopra said. “The key is to forge ahead and reduce those vulnerabilities as much as

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