Data Services

Collecting and analyzing data is key to making informed decisions

Powerful BI tools that transform data
into actionable insights

Many businesses have an abundance of data, but lack the expertise and resources to turn it into meaningful information. INFINIT helps bridge the gap between data and action. We use a set of business intelligence tools to summarize your complex data and present it in a way that’s easy to understand, giving you a complete overview of your operations and empowering you to make better business decisions.

We understand your challenges

Scattered Data

Your business generates small bits of data every day, but scattered data is hard to interpret

Poor Insights

Assumptions not based on data can often result in expensive and irreversible decision-making

Limited Budget

Leveraging data analytics requires top talent, which is hard to find and expensive to hire

Harness the power of your data

Businesses have more data than ever before at their fingertips. The ones that will be the leaders in their vertical are the ones that understand how to turn data into actionable insights. INFINIT offers a full range of powerful analytics and business intelligence tools, giving you complete visibility into your entire operations and empowering you to make informed decisions faster.

Explore our solutions

INFINIT Forecaster

Forecaster analyzes business patterns that determine the relationship between operating metrics and financial metrics. These patterns can be used in generating forecasts and predicting everything from staffing levels, units of production, sales volumes, and profits. Information is made available to a wide range of users, but at the same time the system controls how data is managed and who can make changes to critical data.


INFINIT Corelytics

Corelytics allows you to measure and monitor the financial health of your business by analyzing the data you already have. The platform connects seamlessly with leading accounting systems like QuickBooks. It provides a comprehensive overview of your key data at a glance, so you can see where your business is headed and make early course corrections to improve the odds of success.




MPP BI is a cloud-ready, on-demand platform that delivers detailed analytics. Unlike traditional BI tools that use databases as table sources, MPP BI transforms complex data into easy-to-understand visuals with a built-in feature to drill down to the root cause, empowering executives to make informed decisions.


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